Directorate Audit Assistant Officer Result 2016, Cut Off marks

Indian Audit and Accounts Services department Directorate of Audit Assistant, Audit Officer exam results related information will be soon available.

Directorate Of Audit Assistant Officer Result 2016, Cut Off marks

Indian Audit and Accounts Service is a central government department free of control from any executive authority, under the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. The main work of the department is auditing the accounts of the Union and State governments and public sector organizations, and for maintaining the accounts of State governments, and the work of the officers of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department serve in an audit managerial capacity.

Directorate Audit Assistant Result 2016

Directorate Audit Officer Result 2016

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163 thoughts on “Directorate Audit Assistant Officer Result 2016, Cut Off marks

  1. Bipul ramchiary

    Why the result of aao has not declared yet?

    1. dipu

      should make RTI on date of result

  2. Abdul Munim

    when AAO result will be declare?

  3. R. Hazarika

    why results of aao not yet declared..why is it so late

  4. R . hazarika

    why it is taking too much time…when will the results be declared

  5. Nayan

    Its enaugh,
    We must concern with mygov app.

    1. dipu


  6. r . hazarika

    when will the results be declared…for how long will we have to wait. …

  7. Puberun

    It’s being 9 month since we have given our exams.

    1. Puberun

      Still waiting for a valid reply from official sources stationed out there in the state govt of Assam.

  8. dipu

    wat happened… should we make RTI for result delay

  9. r.hazarika

    it’s enough how long will we be kept waiting for the results anyone have contact no of audit office??

  10. ruth

    When will the results be decleared…. why is it taking so much time??

  11. hazarika

    kindly declare the results soon..its already very late..

  12. daijee

    when will d result declare??????

  13. jesmin

    When aao result will be declared. Its too late

    1. bhrigu

      already result declared

      1. r.hazarika

        is it so..have the results been declared..

  14. dipu

    shouldd make RTI and govt intimate

  15. dipu

    1 yr crossed n how many yrs

  16. s. mehjabin

    have the result been declared, is it true??? please tell me

  17. Sam

    No its false. No results declared yet. But authority is taking too long time to do it. Nearly 11 months since written exam.

  18. Zeet

    Till today no result. Today cabinet meeting held. But no news about AAO appointment. Cant understand why are they taking so much time. I have searched the net to find if it is cancelled. But no such info found.

  19. r.hazarika

    why on earth is it taking so much time. .

  20. Manas

    Should we collectively give an application to finance minister?

  21. Champak Das

    is there any latest information regarding the result of AAO ? please provide

  22. Sam

    Let us give an application collectively to finance minister. If we come together then the process can speed up.

  23. Anupam

    Yaahh its great idea frnd.

  24. Sam

    How can we come together?

  25. hazarika

    just posting a comment is not enough. quick action should be taken. should approach the head office .

  26. Sam

    We need to approach HEAD OFFICE together not individually. How can we come together?

  27. B.phukan

    It is better to create a group those who r eagerly waiting for aao results..So that we can stay in a connection..

  28. Abhigyan

    Its not abt head office. Gov. has to approve the posts for appointment. That is where the matter is stalled. We have to approach FM or CM and not HO.

  29. Debasish borthakur

    Had i knwn this b4 i wudnt hv gone 2 ghy only 2 appr the exm. Previous recrtmnt was held in 2011 Feb just b4 elections.wrtn results declrd in aug & final reslt in oct. Bt this time from Nov 15 to Sep 16 & still no reslt.

  30. Pankaj

    I am told that final result of a recruitment process is valid for 1 year. But i dont know the validity of a written exam whose result is not declared. If it is 1 year too then we have only 1 month left in hand. So if someone wants to take any step plz do inform here. I will join too.

  31. Sam

    whatever we do we need to do it fast

  32. Nitul

    September result dibo. Sabdhan.

  33. r.hazarika

    is it true …

  34. hazarika

    result hosake dibo ne baru September t. hope so the results are declared.

  35. Sam

    Enei dhemali kora nai buli asha korilu. Karon enekua situation dhemali nokorai bhal. Enei mathatu beya hoi ase, gotike supoti maribo mon nai.

  36. Fakrul

    Ji dina paperot dekhim je result dile seidina bissas korim. Amar pisot pata examoru result di appointment hoi gol. Poriborton ne khali bason borton?

  37. Bipul

    Kothatu social mediat upload kori dibo lagisil, fm, cm or soku porakoi

  38. Bipul

    Deptt. Tu bor fotua, iar sakori nokorudei

  39. Anupam

    বন্ধুসকল আমি Facebook কেই হওক বা watsapp এই হওক এটা group বনাই ললে কথা বিলাক পাতিবলে বেছি সুবিধা হব যেন পাওঁ

  40. Anupam

    7896627145 এইটো মোৰ watsapp number. যদি আপুনালোকে সমৰ্থন আগ বঢ়াই তনেহলে এটা group গঠন কৰিব পৰা যাব।

  41. Nitul

    Dept k gaali pari labh nai. Sorkare sakori dilehe hobo.
    Anupam i m wid u. Dorkar hole CM & FM k tweet koribo lagibo.

  42. Sam

    Dont waste time discussing. Tweet FM or CM. I m new to twitter. I tried yestrdy to tweet FM bt i thnk i cudnt do it proprly. I wl try again 2dy. If Sum1 gets ny reply let us knw here.

  43. Papu9854

    Tweeted. Hoping 4 reply. I reqst others also to tweet FM.Let him know our situation. We will pay heed.

  44. Sam

    Me too twitted but no reply yet. Now i m nt expecting ny reply. I think even gov dont know when they will approve these posts.
    Under the heavy weight of TET appointment, AAOs wudnt get ny importance.

  45. r.hazarika

    mailed to CM a week before to know our situation on behalf of all. hope that it is taken into concern. I request all to tweet or mail to CM or FM.

  46. Sam

    What is the official mail id of CM at present? Coz i mailed to CM on 1/9/16 but not sure whether that mail id is still in use or not.

  47. hazarika

    me too mailed in the official account given in his profile. Search in Google.

  48. Sam

    Then i mailed to d right id but neither any response nor any action taken yet. I m nt expctng nythng b4 march 2017.

  49. Nitul

    We also need to write an open letter to CM or FM in news papers preferably assam tribune.

  50. Anonymous

    Nov bule aru 10000 TET. Amar ki hobo? Ghy loi 2 din aha jua kori exam di ek bosor jodi result loike rokhi thaku tente aru ki expectation thakibo. TET r bahire Assam t sakori nai neki? Gutei TET pass bilakok appoint kora loike jodi baki post burot appointment nidiye tente aru 5 bosor loike enekei thakibo lagibo aru assamot etai sakori thakibo … Mastor.!!

  51. Nitul

    TET khini muta muti 5 bosor dhori pending asetu gotike teulukokor bebostha agote kori lobo khujise sage. Bohut agotei kotha di thoise etia kotha narakhile keneke hobo. Iake kua hoi FIFO. First In First Out. Jodiu moi TET dia nasilu, AAO exam di etia muru TET type obosthai hoisege.
    By the way ASRLM r August 2016 kisuman post r result dise. Baki khini shortly dibo bule. June disile website sabo pare.

  52. Sam

    If u only run after gov job u will ruin ur life. Its true. Keep doing somethin like pvt job or busnss. If u r lucky enough u wl gt a govt job 1 day.

  53. Anonymous

    AAO exam cancel kora buli kunubai kiba gom paise neki? Google kori tenekua eku napalu kintu maje maje doubt hoi. Kunubai kiba jane jodi share korok. Enei AAO hom buli khep di thaki labh nai.

  54. hazarika

    at least TET r results hunkale disile.. AAO results r karone etia 1 year rokhibo loga hoise.. aru kiman din lagibo thik nai.

  55. Nitul

    District courtor Computer typistor karone royalot kune kune test dise? Sabo iar resultu ulai jabo kintu AAO result he nulabo.


    aru kiman din lagibo dhoribo pora nai plz xakalue mili inform koribo lagibo .

  57. Nitul

    Dispur jau bolok… Dhorna dim

  58. Anonymous

    5 ta man manuhe iat comment likhi thakile kot result ulabo.

  59. nayan das

    akhil gogoi dangoriak inform koribo lagibo…aibar

  60. Pranab Dihingia

    Cancel hoise ei exam. Result nulai aru. Depertment HQ goi hudhi ahok jodi believe hua nai.

  61. Anonymous

    Iat kunu kaam nije nohoi. Pispinor pora thela theli nokorile kaam aag nabarhe. Comment likhi labh nai. Karubar high levelot sinaki ase jodi kaamtu aag borhauk.

  62. Kobi.bondha

    Akhilok matile amar ji olop chance ase heitu nuhua hobo.
    Bulu din kaal holoni hol, logor lora roja hol,andulon buru purona hol, mur he eku daal nohol.
    Moi morisu sakori bisari, result nidiye asu rokhi, result diutei iman deri, paam khaam buli goisu lereli.

  63. Pankaj

    Nripen Das apuni kak inform korar kotha koise? iman dine teuluke nojona koi thoka nai.Jabibo logia hokolue kothatu jane. Kintu kunu action lua nai.Ami etia iat comment likhar bahire eku koribo nuaru.

  64. Anonymous

    facebook t eta page bonai soboke link tu dim. join koribo. ami sobei mili ekhon letter CM aru FM k dim.


    pise facebook account banua ami asu mur no 9706631907

  66. Sam

    Cabinet meeting held in 7/10/16. Still no news of approval to these posts. Still hopefull? then wait till 2017.enjoy puja.

  67. hazarika

    aru dudinman pisot exam diai 1 year complete hobo..result dibone baru..aru kiman din akha loi result loi baat sabo lagibo

  68. Kobi.bondha

    Bulu sabor ka phol mitha hota hai. Iman din rokhai mitha phol khuaboi amak. Lukor HAATOR fol nohoi, PHULOR pora hua direct phol. Khaba aru nokoisune..!!

  69. Kobi.bondha

    Sabor ka phol mitha hota hai. Iman din rokhai amak mitha phol khuai he eribo. Logot 7th pay free. Salary kiman man hobo baru?
    iake koi akashot sang pati alashor laaru khai bina meghe bojropaat pori mora.

  70. Kobi.bondha

    Dhoijjor phol mitha. Amak 1 bosor rokhai mitha phol khuaboi. Mukhot thusi dibo. Logot 7th pay free. Aru mitha hobo.
    Bulu jelepir paak
    sakori dibi kak?
    Mitha kothar borokhun
    Listot ase kun kun?
    Amar maina hubo aaee
    hopunot sakori pabo aaee !!
    lukai asa dekha naja
    kuntu filer bhitare !?

  71. Sam

    few of us mailed and tweeted to CM/FM. any replies?? if the exam stands cancelled then at least it should be intimidated through notice.

  72. Rahul

    hey guys,any one konw about the resut of aao….it is too late

  73. Nayan

    Hunisu tet 10000 appoint koribo nov. Dec manot chance eta ase henu. Ekhet hokole march bhitorot sob pending clear kora kotha bhabise bule.Najanu aru kiman hosa!! dekha jauk.

  74. Kobi.bondha

    Nayan bupa tumar mukhot duniar sob mitha bostu porok kintu diabates nohouk. Ei bosor result ulaletu bhalei. Pise khobor kiman pakka?

  75. Anonymous

    Baad dia he!! Nijor kitake bhalke appoint koribo para nai… amak kot appoint koribo.
    btw kobi.bondha nice poem.

  76. Sam

    When u hv 2 beg 4 wht u actuly deserv thn itz d perfct exmpl of delays & denials. Itz been a long histry 4 more thn a decade now & continues…
    mailed twitted 2 cm, fm. No reply. Sent a letter 2 editor Assamtribune. Dont knw whethr publshd or not.

  77. Nitul

    Result dibole 1 bosor logua aji loike pua nasilu. Candidate tu lakh lakh hua nasil. Hardly 2000 sob centre milai. Tente ki problem? Salary dibole Toka nai sage.
    Ne akou candidate kom hua buli cancel kori thole?
    kunubai akou high court korile neki? Prosno bohut, uttor dibole pise kunu nai.

  78. Nitul

    Written examor notice ulua aji 1 bosor hol.

  79. Amar Nath Panjiyar

    My no. 9854338608.. Presently I am working at IIT Guwahati.. If anyone get any update regarding AAO results 2016 then please inform me at my no. either by calling or leaving a msg… If i will get any update then i will also inform u all either on this page or on the contact nos. u have provided… If u all make any watsapp group for these then plz add me.. Thnks to everyone for co-operation.. Best of luck to all.. Hope for the best.. 🙂

  80. Pankaj

    Moi head office r source pora gom paisu je asolote result ready ase. Kintu govt. approval dia nai post kitar karone. Approval dile final result declare hobo.


    let’s celebration for the written examination notice publish by one year

  82. Anonymous

    Assistant Audit Officer(Local Fund)
    fb t like korok sobei. Sobei mili decession eta lobo lage hunkale.

  83. Anonymous

    Purona khon thoka hole aji ei obostha nohol heten. bhal ne beya heibur nokou kintu Kom se kom iman dine result tu declare korile heten. Last time u disilu moi. Kunu corruption hua nasil appointmentot. Moi napalu tothapiu kou corruption hua nasil. Notun khon amiye tu bonai disu. Tar fol bhugisu etia.exam nidiya holei bhal asil.kom se kom eneke sintat nomorilu heten. Ehote tu buji napai mur karone sakoritur value kiman!!

  84. Nitul

    Yes we can celebrate. Anonymous have faith hope for best. Cheers

  85. Sam

    11 days left for 1 st anniversary. Prepare for a great party. Should also invite a guest. Guess who??!!!!! You guessed it right.

  86. Nitul

    ASRLM baki post r result shortly declare hobo. Then a computer test and may be viva. AAO result ketia diye thik nai. Dibo ne nai taru guarantee nai. Rokhi thaki labh nai.

  87. Shoumit

    Fm aji koise je eibar budget ji ji kaam include ase sob kam koribo eti fin year.. Aao post kita etu budget include asil na nai? Aao post kita budget sanction hoisil na?

  88. Sam

    Assam govt website has few official letters regarding extension of validity Of approval by finance dept for filling up of vacant posts. One such letter dated 31/5/16 states that validity of sanctioned posts for year 2013-14,14-15,15-16, has been extended to march 2017. So we might have a chance before march. Anyone can access these letters in assam gov website.

  89. Pankaj

    May t jodi permission disilei tente aji iman dine result kio dia nai? Letter khon bisari palu. Tar mote march par hoi gole validity nathakibo. Jodi viva pate tente result dia time hoi goise. Nohole ketia result dobo ketia viva hobo akou 2 mah pisot final result dibo. Kiman din lagibo.

  90. Kobi.bondha

    jodu modhu ram hori okolsoria
    resultole roi thakute hol pogola.
    engraji paperot likhile lomba lomba essay
    nombor kiman uthe taar eku guarantee nai pise.
    Onko hol jonko ponko
    calculation taan
    paper khon iman deegholia
    tini ghontat korai taan.
    Gk r kothanu ki kou
    ekue dekhun najanu
    Olop time matha khojuai
    sob tukka mari dilu.

  91. hazarika

    any update of the results ?????

  92. Nitul

    Govt sakori dia debota kun? kiba kori hontusto koribo pora hole kaam fera hol huten.

  93. Kobi.bondha

    1 bosor keneka gol ekdom napalu hawa,
    hapy bird dayt ki cake khaba?
    Arey 3 tho bihu 1 tho durga puja paar hoi gol,
    kio ghumai asa amak gol gol?
    Paperta aile barandai darai bhabtam
    Aajke chakri aaia possen
    Paperta khuilla dekhi
    Aaj keu result nei
    Arey byapartta ki?

  94. Narayan Nath

    Narayan Nath
    এনেকোৱা কামত মই খুৱে আগ্ৰহী, ভালে কিটা pending result সচিবালয়ত গৈ ফলাফলৰ খবৰ আনিছো । যদি সচাকৈ আপোনালোকে আগ্ৰহ কৰে, তেনেহলে মোক 99575 – 39092 .যোগাযগ কৰিব ।
    I am also a candidature, I do not think that I have had qualified the written exam. But I like to do this.

  95. ROUSHAN**

    I’m also a AAO exam candidate & I am vigorously waiting for the result since d exam get over..though I’m working in a kendriya vidyalaya…can we take any action on the officials 4 d results not declaring still now….reply pliz…

  96. Kobi.bondha

    Narayan sir nomoskaar. Apuni sir favour koribo ne fees lobo? Kobita ekhon negai nuarisu. Bulu…
    upokarik ojogore khai
    jaasi dia maalor eku value nai.
    ebosor hobole dudin baki
    khai lou robo anniversary.
    1 tarikhe rati open party sobole
    gilaas eta loi ahi jabo khabole.
    Roomot sir gaipoti eta he gilaas
    Kothatu kobole lage biraat laaj.
    Bhalkoi bohi alusona kori
    kotha bur lom buji
    contract dim apunak
    paawe pori hori…

  97. Anonymous

    Amar obostha ASTC busor gor tur nisina. Besera jitu motionot thake jen speed 2000 km/h. Pise bus khon jetia sole tetiahe he gom pai je he eta thappa (logo) he, tar mote gari najai.
    O dada poriborton kotha najanu kintu POLOM sure hoise. Etia kutub minarot nijor mathatu khundiai khundiai minartu bogorai dibolehe baaki ase.

  98. Pankaj

    Assam secretariat aao result dilse aji. 2015 dec hua Computer test. Nov oral intervw. Amar ketia dibo? Aru Amar Asom t likhise etiar pora bule sakori apply korile general bilake 250 toka chalan katibo lagibo. Waaaah poriborton !! Bhaona hoise bhaona !
    mane ki pocketot 250 nathakile tumar govt job apply korar aukaad nai? Agor kitai douri thaka manuhok leng mari pelaisile aru belegok jikaisile.Eikitai akou haat bhori bandhi douribo koise!!

  99. Kobi.bondha

    Aji engraji 2016 Sonor 1 Nov. tarikhe ami AAO wrtn exam dia 1 bosor sompurno hol. Aji ei 1 bosoria jonmo joyonti ami 1 dinia karjyo husire palon korim. karjyo husi :
    1.chief guest r ghoror mukhot gut khai halla kora.
    2.guest k sobha stholile seleng pari dhole dogore khol taal bojai aag borhai ana.
    3.guest k frontot bohuai dhup dhuna saki bonti jolai puja orsona kora.
    4.bamunor kam hoi gole naam prosongo start kora.
    5.ji kunu prokare tekhetok sontushto kora.
    6.nijor nijor admit card r xerox copy guest r soronot orpon kora.
    7.sondhia sanskritik onusthan. Bihu satriya bharat natyam kathakali enaarkoli disco bhangra balley salsa june ji pare korilei hol.
    8.eku koribo nuara sokolor babe monchor pisfale ondhokarot etupir bebostha kora hoise.
    9. Beleg kunu osamajik karjyo kolap nosolibo. Dhora porile admit card fali pelua hobo.
    10. Sorbo seshot dholong polong obosthat guest r logot mot binimoi. Mot milile guest k murot tuli ghorot thua hobo. Mot nimilile jongi andulonor bhabuki di sobha bhongo.
    11. Nij nij ghorole hili hili gomon.

  100. Sam

    Yes as per news papers assam secretariat results are out. So we can expect local fund results to be out soon. Remember the validity? March 2017. Results coming soon.

  101. hazarika

    secretariat r xam aao pisot patiu results dile..amar ketiake dbo… hope the results are declared before March 2017…

  102. hazarika

    secretariat r xam aao pisot patiu results dile..amar ketiake dbo… eitu year t results ulabone

  103. Nitul

    Admit card khon phatiboi aru etia. Fisiki goise ekdom.boga colortu kiba yellow hoi goise. Maje maje uliai photo khon aru roll tu sai akou thoi diu. Iman deri hobo buli jona hole lamination kori tholu huten.
    Original certificate khiniu lahe lahe fade hoi goise. Aru besi din gole xerox korileu kaam nuhua hobo.
    Mur age besi nai aru. Kun dina ghopke 38 hoi jai thikana nai. Retire huar agote sakori eta pale bhal asile.

  104. Anonymous

    Herou toka khuja naitu result he khujisu. De aru result tu. Viva dibole asei. Nrityo natika. Sakori pau napau najanu kintu result tu di hesto nesto eta hobo lage. Enei lotki asu bekaar.
    3rd 4th grade viva thikei nuhua korile taar pisot sakori bakorir adv nuhuai hol. Di thua daloru eku nulua hol.

  105. Tina

    Kiba aaxa ase ne result diyar? Jodi nidiyei press release eta nidiye kio sob clarify kori. Eneke result dibo dibo buli xodai paper sai thakibo nuwari

  106. Kobi.bondha

    Naro bato pabho maas
    aru eta moi
    resul t tu je iman bodmas
    nulau buli koi.
    sulit dhori tani anim
    sini pua nai
    gravel rastat dourai marim
    poribi luti khai.
    marim kom douram besi
    logot ase tekhosti
    utpaat jodi hoi tur besi
    korim loti ghoti.
    holow uthil tokou gosot
    akou ahil nami
    Tur karone asu kostot
    khaisu ghotiye ghotiye pani.

  107. Pankaj

    Assamot sakorir bahire eku kam nai neki? Napai nohoi iman pressure dibo. TET mokha asei akou logot amiu halla korile keneke hobo. Ami bujibo lagibo. Tumar jenekua condition nohouk tumi bujiboi lagibo. Brihottor swarthor kotha ase. Jidina ami brihottor swarthot humai jam amaru result dibo. Tetia loike tv news sai time pass kora sun. Sua sun iman khobor ase. Sobotke dangor kaam tu koribole tu baakiye ase. Koribo khujutei dile nohoi kisumane halla kori. Iman tension dise. Enekua timet only nijor kotha bhabile nohobo dei. Sua sun scandal kori manuh bur dhora porise. Eiahe kotha. Taake sai monot peace labh kora. Bhaba je muk sakori nidiya manuh tu dhora porile. Moril etia he. Sob jabo taar. Teneke bhabile monot shanti paba. Kintu nijor sakorir kotha nabhabiba. Bekar tension. Napai. TV sua time pass kora.

  108. hazarika

    bhal lagise scandal kora manuhbur dhora porise..kintu results r tension monor pora atorabo nuari results nidialoike.. habit hoi gol.. its been 1 year..

  109. Haren deka

    Phn no of audit office local fund 7086047604

  110. Kobi.bondha

    Phn kori sudha sun ketia result dibo. Direct main jonor logot kotha patim buli koba. Jetiar ppra AAO exm disu mur monor bhitorot kobitar uttopto magma utponno hoise. Kobitabur gorom lava hoi monor volcanor pora ulau ulau kori thake. Eikhinite kobita eta ulau ulau korise. Botiai diu roba…
    tumar number tu palu dei moina
    phone kori kori dim kamur
    iman dine ji bahaduri dekhai asila
    tumak korihe erim mur.
    i lob you buli koi dia sunkale
    hodai paper porhu
    kamur dim nohole sokale bikale
    enekoi tumak neru.
    porikha dile result ulai
    heitu kotha janu
    somahor bhitorot result ulai
    seitu kotha he manu.
    tumak i lob you kolu hei kahaniye
    reply he nidia tumi
    ebaar i lob you koi sua sun priye
    muk goya buli bhabisa neki.
    dudinot tinibar i lob you kolu
    pate pate likhilu rosona
    sahos kori onko porikhau dilu
    gk t marilu formuti kona.
    engraji likha dhemali paisa neki
    moi eta khar khua
    najanu onkor uttor ulai keni
    pass mark hol adha.
    gk r kotha eku nokou moi
    nubuja mur kosto
    jore ghamadi ghamisilu jana
    mathatu hol nosto.
    dekhisatu kiman kosto korilu
    tumak bhal pabole
    bhorit dhori request korisu
    ebar i lob you kobole.

  111. Anonymous

    Ki je hobo. Enekei thakim neki ami. Kunbai kobita likhise kunubai gali parise kunubai eketa question repeat kori hudhiye ase hudhiye ase.dhut!!!!!!!!
    aru eidal kar mobile numbr? phn korile swtch off koi.Land line nai neki?
    Aru ei dead line dal je di thoise march 2017 hedalor mote kiba hobogene? Exm pati sob eneka gayab hol mane karu dekha dekhi nai. Kisumane mail aru tweet korisile nohoi. Ki hol kiba kolene?
    koise jodi amaku jonabo.

  112. Nitul

    Asrlm r computer test hoi ase. Kunubai najane jodi website check kori nijor date sai louk.AAO pisot hom agote eituke pausun.

  113. GAUTAM

    Examr result diyaar chance aasene? ne exam cancel hol

  114. bbm

    Ki ba kari ase ministar e….sign tu karli approval pae…

  115. Haren deka

    Mur result2 palu vaay karubak result lagile audit office guwahati kar bhawant xerox copay pabo .

  116. hazarika

    result hosaikoi jodi dse pls kunuba jodi ghyt ase khabar korok…aru roll nos list tu upload korok…

  117. hazarika

    haren deka if u have d xerox copy of the list of roll nos pls mail me [email protected]

  118. dipu

    result dia ni.., news papert dilei hoi dile

  119. Nitul

    Misa kotha. Result nai dia. Eneke result r xerox kuneu nibilai. High court koribo manuhe.

  120. Tina

    Nai diya result. Notice board t eku nai. Dealing clerk jone koise result uluwa nai buli,ketiya ke result dibo xihote o najane.. aru result dile newspaper t ahibo.

  121. GAUTAM

    assistant audit officer exam aspirants r whatapp group aase jodi muk add kora…. 8011962830… exam cancel hol neki?

  122. Kobi.bondha

    ATM burot maal tu avelvel koratu he etia main kam.Baki sinta nai karu. March mahot amak march past korai get out kori nidilei hol aru.
    left right left right
    dingit lagil kait
    nodit dekhun tokar ujan
    amaloi nai karu mon kan.
    Toka khale dhorau porile
    channel bure be ijjoti korile
    Exam dia ebosor par hol
    amar kotha kuneu nokole.
    Goldor assamot gormen sakori
    jen porbotot kasor koni
    ajiu napalu parmanent ba temporary
    10 bosorot bohut hol hera pheri.

  123. Anonymous

    Ki hol? Aru ekhon cabint meetng hoi gol dekhun. Amar kotha eku nulalei neki? Sakori diar kunu matlab nai ehotor. Khorcha komabole post gita nuhua kori dibo pare ehote.. Bohut kosto khalu. Eitu sakori thik mote pam buli bhabisilu. Kintu kot? Jodi eitu cancel kore moi jindegit ehotok maaf koribo nuarim.

  124. Kobi.bondha

    Ekhon deshot ejon roja asil
    tat sakorir bojar asil
    toka dilei sakori paisil
    bhikhari bure sai roisil.
    ghor besisil maati besisil
    kisumane bapekor toka disil
    Sakorir daamor list ulaisil
    bhikhari bure sai roisil.
    Sakorir biggapon ulaisil
    fitting taar agotei hoisil
    sihote tokar pahar bonaisil
    bhikhari bure sai roisil.
    Lahe lahe din soloni hoisil
    bhikhari bure Sahor swad paisil
    bhoga cupot saah khaisil
    bhal dinor opekkhat roisil…
    Tenete tholua manuh bur ahil
    Sihote kiba bortonor kotha koisil
    notun borton joruri asil
    bhoga cupot saah khai asil
    bortonor ashat bhikhari bure sai roisil…
    Saah khini bhal asil
    bhikhari bure tripti paisil
    cup tut he naal nasil
    notun borton joruri asil…
    bhikhari bure sai roisil…

  125. Sam

    No update. Feeling frustrated. Went to HO. Couldnt get much info. Only thing the person said is that they donot have any copy of the result and dont know when the results be declard. Whn the result wud b apprvd by finc dept then a copy wud be sent to HO & publshd in news papers. Also he informd tht there might not be any viva. But its only a possibility, not surety.

  126. Narayan Nath

    Kabita Likhi Takile Keneke hobo. Jadi mon nai Baad diya he kidal hobo.

  127. Narayan Nath

    Prem priti kora manuhe xub kabita likhe, Exam t to kabita nilikhilehe rokya pravu

  128. Diganta das

    Sorry frnds, finance deptt a approval nokore bule result file khon exam diabur mukhedi matibo nuwara karone nidia bule

  129. Kobi.bondha

    O Narayan sir… kunubai contact korilene? Apuni Fees u nolole favour u nokorile. Apunak dekhi volcano udgiron hoise. Ulaise sabo dei…
    Nahila tumi roomole narayan
    Tumak adiribole matisilu gayan bayon,
    Dhar kori anisilu extra gilaas
    Rati hunilu heten tumar bakwas.
    Baad dia he buli nokoba Narayan
    Copy rightot fosile bhugiba bheeson
    ki dal hobo buli je hudhisa
    tumar ki hobo tumihe janiba.
    Prem nokorilai neki jeebonot
    Ramayan porhila neki colleget?
    Prem korile jail nohoi provu
    koribo janile nukhua habu dubu.
    baad dia baru sob kotha
    besi kole laaj paba
    AAO sakori tumi dibo nalage
    select hole interview dibage.

    1. Narayan Nath

      Khub dhunia kabita. Prem t pori pori kobi hoi goli dexun. de pise

  130. Pankaj

    Result pabole ki koribo lagibo? Kar bhorit goi poribo lagibo? Bhori selekibo lagibo neki? Ki bisarise asolote ei mokhai? Xonman xohokare jeeai thakibo nidie ehote. Laaj pabo lage. Thogile jen he lagise. Enekoi manuhor jivan tu loi khela koribo napai. life r 12 mah loss korale. Xihotor timer value ase aru amar timer value nai?

  131. Manjil

    Related Whtsup grp ase naki….

  132. Anonymous

    Koni umoni dile puali olai. Sakori umoni dile kelenkari olai. Agor experience r pora koisu. Eibar tenekua nohole bhal hoi. Pise jua 10/12 bosore ji khini dekhilu tar effect tu monot thakiboi.

  133. Kobi.bondha

    Hera eitu bhumi potta nohoitu je mukhere namatile nidibo. Sakori hoi. Dibo kintu torpai torpai dibo. Torop torop ke is dil se AAO nikolti rohi, ayooi mujhko soja di kisliye…dehi aisa kya gunah kiya…AAO lut goye…lut goye hom tere intejar me.
    mur bohi khonot ki likhilu buji pua nai sage. Xeikaroneu deri hobo pare. Buji buji sai ase.Obc, sc/st r sinta kom. Etia kotha hol general mokhar. 32 post. Tare 10 ta man ladies.Thakil 22. Tar majot xumabo duta man obc sc st. 22-5=17. Tarmane 63 post. Kintu tumi jodi general mota tente prothom 15 /20 ta manot thakile chance eta ase. Nohole… Hehhehheh.
    Ayoo mur desh khon oi… Nijor bhagyo te kandu ne desh khonor bhagyote kandu?
    Ol generals maast bbee intalijent. Becos dey do not habh ani sois.
    Solou sol ke saai pite hain.

  134. Atanu

    Hera kobi tumar beleg kam nai neki? Iate kobita likhi kio time borbad kori asa?ki ja ta kotha koi thaka kuneu eku buji napai. Aao related kiba info thakile diba. Enei kobita bur likhi kamuri nathakiba.

  135. Kobi.bondha

    No personal attack plz. Mur kam kua aru moi komei. Tumi porhile porha noporhile nai. Bujila? Besi nokoriba sikuti dim kintu.

  136. bbm

    Kobi.bondha ghar kot tor?

  137. Nitul

    December result dibone? Kiman aru eneke? Sakori pua 6 mah man hoboi lagisil etialoike. Kintu iman late korise. Finance kitainu ki sinta kori ase o? gutei kita sinta moni.

  138. Iftikar

    Mal nai salary kor pora dibo. Fukotot khatim buli kole kailoike result di dile heten. Eikita post lastot cancel kori dileu moi asorit nohou. Bhal nalage bhorosa nuhua hoi jai.


    had been more than a news about the results…its time for all the candidates to do something together.

  140. Anonymous

    Purana record khonoke bojai ase. 10000 TET permanent koribo.bhal kotha korok. Aji 6mah man dhori huniye asu. Police t lobo bule kiman hajar. Aru amar tu ki hobo? Heitu kotha bhulotu nokoi. Top secret!!!!! Kar pallat porilu. Sorkari kothat manuhor time enekei nosto hoi. Enekua jagat lotkai diye, nijoke fata paijamar nisina he lage.

  141. Pankaj

    Lav nai eku lav nai. Etu sakorit time borbad koratke adda piti time borbad korai val. Eku noholeu logor lorar porai beleg jobor karone contact ulabo. Etia TOP SECRET pisot dekhibi CANCEL. Koi dilei hol bule dhar ase ,baki ase ,mal nai approval nai, nuaru dibo, nidiu, napao, nolobi pek pek pek pek pek… Bos khotom chapter closed. Amitu xoru poali nohoi je mak logai dim “oooo maaaa suanaaa ehete sakoritu nediyeee”

  142. Nitul

    Eke dina examm hua high court r steno grapher grade ii, iii result dise. Sai louk nije. Amar he eku nohol kou aru. Besi kotha kole gali he ulabo.

  143. Kobi.bondha

    bbm dada mur ghor bisoratke amar result tu bisarok. Ne ki koi? Ekidin volcano udgiron hua nai. Olop busy asu.

  144. Kobi.bondha

    Direct officer bonabo amak. Hekarone iman time logaise. Kerani sakorir result he potke olai. Officer Kitar level ase bhai. Officer boni ase. Opekha korok…
    kaar mukh khoni sai loi moi
    dilu AAO exam
    baperor pora toka sur kori kori
    hoi goisu bodnaam.
    abey salry pam buli bhabsilu monote
    dhur sala result nulai
    sakori napale salary pabi keneke
    sinta kori upai napai.
    diplip suali ejoni bohisil kakhote
    taike sai exm dilu
    tothapiu dekhun asu bohi ghorote
    eneke baru ki ghotitu koru.
    Enei poisar tana tani lagi ase
    tate nai hajar passo
    biket tel bhoram ne vimal subam
    take bhabi matha nosto.

  145. Narayan Nath

    কবিয়ে written test সচাকৈ দিচেনে বাৰু ?

    1. bbm

      Pagla hoise kobi….

  146. Himanta sarma

    Result nidia bule file2 finance department pori ase . Kunuba maika lalor dom ase ne khobor lobo mur bahire

  147. Kobi.bondha

    Narayan Mama moi written dia nai. Direct viva dim.

  148. mkd

    We are already frustrated regarding this result issue. People scroll this page with the hope of getting awared of recent development. But your poems are getting on our nerves. Please try not to mock our helpless situation by foraying your poetic skills here. There are so many platforms to showcase your skill,try out other places.

  149. Kobi.bondha

    How ki ha bbm? Mok pagla koba aissa? Result naple toie pagla hobi. Aai porikkha disili na? Result nalge tok? Kotha koba aisa. Koi labh nai.

  150. Anonymous

    Hobo de kajia nokoribi iat. Ami kajia korile result nulai. Kobi tur ji mon jai likhi thak. Tur kobita kita porhi hahi uthe. Baki kunubai paro jodi uporot olop khusa bindha kor. Ehote nidiu buli bhabile nidibou pare. High court koribo nuaru. Etia loike cancel hua notice dekha nai karone monot asha eta ase.

  151. Nitul

    December cabinetot kiba eta hobo ne baru? March loike tu besi time nai. Hunisu eibar budget feb t hobo. December result nidile amar bipod ase.

  152. Narayan Nath

    Kobi Written test diya nai buli gom pai Kobir Premika bole polai gol. Atia Kobi a aru kabita lixibo sai thaka……..

  153. Manjil

    Cm intervention cn do smthng ny way to meet him in delegtn

  154. Kobi.bondha

    Narayan … Sakorir dalali loike baru thikei asile. Kintu etia dekhun lukor premikar uporotu soku dise. Apuni aru ki ki bostur dalali kore?

  155. Kobi.bondha

    Oi mkd hosa kotha kole ki tur nerve t effect hoi? Hosa kotha bilake manuhor life hilai diye tur nerve kidal tu hiliboi.

  156. bbm

    Oi kobi ghar kot tur???? Nalbari r jen paisu….hahaha…lol lol lol…


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