Register Process For vehicle details on RTA M Wallet App

Telengana Government has made an application for the Telengana Public to make Telengana Digital. They had launched an application which is calling RTA M Wallet App. By using this no one have to carry  all the Document while driving, such as license, road transport, vehicle insurance and other documents. If RTA officer will demand to show the document by any person then you have to show this M Wallet app this will give all information regarding you and your Vehicle.

Register Process For vehicle details | Online RTA M Wallet App

If you are going too registered with the TS RTA M Wallet then its mean you are going to fill all the information related the owner directly from RTA servers. This app will make you fully digital and you will drive without Tension. This is so easy to register with the M Wallet. Now we are giving you its details by this you can easily register with the M Wallet.

Register Process For vehicle details Check Online

Who is having Android Mobile they all first of all have to go on the Google play store. Who is having iphone they just go on the Google play, and then download it. When it will download install it on your mobile phone. Then open it and follow the direction;

First fill your Name, e-mail Id, Mobile number and then you will see Register button click on that button. Few second after you will receive one OTP (One Time Password) on that mobile number which you had filled then fill that 6 digit number and submit it. If you not getting that OTP password first time, then click on Resend OTP button. Then you will get OTP to your mobile number. Then you will see two options like RC and Driving License. Now first click on RC and enter your Vehicle Registration number and then last 5 digits of your Vehicle Chassis Number. Now press on Get button. Now you will see all the information so fill that and come to the Driving section. Now fill your driving license number and also fill date of birth and it will ask more information of it so fill all details. Follow all the steps and connect with the Telangana RTA M Wallet.

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